Our Story

Why can't you give your loved one a gift just because you care? Stellia has your back. This collection will be dedicated to the human emotions that we experience all year and season long and won't be limited to the holidays. As love and care are in no need to wait for occasions, Stellia is here for these emotions.

It all started with Controse Jewelry. When that brand was founded, it offered a variety of alternative jewelry and unique designs, with pieces fitted with Swarovski crystal and made of stainless steel. I wondered why not add a little more love and positivity to the world? Then it hit me! I wanted to change the course and start the Stellia brand. I wanted to shift it to a more meaningful jewelry buying experience for my customers.

Stellia is our vision of bringing our customers meaningful memories through the jewelry they buy for themselves or their loved ones. The main objectives of Stellia are:

  • To make sure the meaning of these pieces lasts a lifetime through their  quality but more for their sentiment.
  • To inspire our customers to love and hope.
  • To cement your feelings of devotion or friendship to whoever you choose, your parents, significant others, siblings, or your best friends.

As much as we love the designs, we have always wanted to do something more for our customers. We have always wanted to put more feelings into our pieces that show care and comfort.