Stellia Birthstone Sphere Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Necklace with Swarovski Crystal

  • The Stellia Birthstone Sphere necklace makes for the perfect gift item for any birthday girl.
  • Made of gold-plated stainless steel, the pendant on the Birthstone Sphere Gold-Plated Stainless Steel necklace features a round 5.2 mm Swarovski crystal which sits in a circular gold-plated chamber.
  • Complete with a gold-plated stainless steel link chain, the Swarovski crystal on the pendant is available in a variety of birthstones depending on your special someone’s birth month
  • Pendant Size: W: 0.28" H: 0.28"
  • 16" - 18" adjustable chain. Gift Box included


January - Garnet, darker red, symbolizes constancy and loyalty.

February – Amethyst, purple, symbolizes sincerity and peace.

March – Aquamarine, blue, symbolizes courage and health.

April – Crystal, clear, symbolized innocence and love.

May – Emerald, green, symbolized happiness and fertility.

June – Alexandrite, light purple, symbolizes balance and joy.

July – Ruby, red, symbolizes nobility and beauty.

August – Peridot, light green, symbolizes felicity and protection.

September – Sapphire, blue, symbolizes wisdom and calmness

October – Tourmaline, pink, symbolizes balance and endurance

November - Topaz, yellow, symbolizes friendship and strength

December – Zircon, greenish-blue, symbolizes wisdom and wealth.